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Thread: Loader Bolt Victory

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    Bryan Rose
    Got em out ..... dremel and flat head srewdriver.....
    Loader is all screwed up .... nothing is level or square. the mounting plate is at least a 1/4 out of square with the rest of things... looks to drop water at 9 and 3 on the imp. poor weld and overall very poor workmanship.... I have a feeling it is hurting things on the top. I am going to replace it but with what? I am going to re-install and check intake preassure as per Duane at HTP .... and go from there. Anyone Care to share your loader success with me on type and all I will get the preassure readings this weekend. Pictures do ot show how bad it really is....http://www2.*** http://www2.***
    I think the proper loader will net a little bit of performance over this one..... WHat do you guys think.....
    Duane ................................................. you reading this?

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    When you put it back in make sure you use anti seize on the threads. I loosen the bolts on mine every so often and recoat the threads with anti seize.

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    UBFJ #454
    New Grade 8 black bolts and Anti-Seize every outting is Prudent.

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    Most loaders I've seen are typically crude and poorly made from steel. I think it's a reflection on the somewhat limited expertise and technical resources applied to our hobby...driven by limited profit. I remember a long time ago I bought a loader rock grate from Don. Geeze, looked like something you'd weld in hs auto shop. Back then I didn't know much better and he said it was just fine.
    Awhile ago, maybe on the old RJB...I asked why no SS loaders? Most of the response if I remember was it won't work, fatigue cracks and you won't see them, etc. Yet I was at Lake Powell about a month ago and saw a SS loader, nicely done. Since then I've heard of others. Maybe the new trend now. Whatever. My loader's steel and rusts like a muthaf*cker. I've put a lot of work into it trying to even stuff out, sharpen blunt edges, smooth the welds and rust coat it but I'm thinking why so cheaply made? Especially compare to how important it is to safety and how much money it takes to go fast? There may be some who claim those bumpy welds and uneven loader ramps, warped mounting plates don't make a difference. I say why spend big bucks on a highly detailed pump then stuff a crude pos loader up your intake?

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    MPD makes a stainless one! Budlight

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    When you put it back in make sure you use anti seize on the threads. I loosen the bolts on mine every so often and recoat the threads with anti seize.
    Me too Taylorman. At least 2 or 3 times a year. I do not want to have to go through the trouble of dealing with those bolts being stuck again.

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    Stainless, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

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