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Thread: Looking for an office Space in the IE.

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    Anyone know of a unit for rent/lease? Around 1,000-1,500sq ft. With a small warehouse and roll up door.
    Anyone know what the units are running per sq ft out there?
    Preferably from Auto Center Drive/91 to Arlington Ave/91.

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    We have an office of main and the 91. 1300 s.f. warehouse with roll up door and 300 s.f. of office. We're at $0.74 per foot.
    They have alot of small buildings in Corona

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    Check your pms

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    Brewzed: that is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you. I just have a few other major things to work out then I will need to secure a space, this seems to good to be true.
    dimarcobros: got it, thank you very much.

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    It is seriously time RIGHT NOW.
    I cannot seem to find my PMs with all the referrals you guys sent my way.
    Could you hit me up again?

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    Might have to settle on a 2,000sq ft. office for $1,700 per month. A little too big, but it doesnt seem like there is alot of space available in Corona,CA. :idea:

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    Keep looking bro. I just got 1,200 sq for $660.00 a month. Deals are out there.

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    Keep looking bro. I just got 1,200 sq for $660.00 a month. Deals are out there.
    What the heck, where did you score that?

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    a guy i used to work with is leasing his building out in riverside (university/chcago) it has ~1000 sq ft office and warehouse. don't know the exacts on the warhouse but give him a call. 951-788-9350 ask for Roger. tell him Ryan Waters told you to call. he is moving out and needs a tenant pretty soon. give him a shout.

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    Awesome, I will be giving him a call.

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