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Thread: How many of you have Youngbloods?

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    Just curious how many are still out there. Over 99% were built as jets. Use to work for Youngblood myself several years ago. I have an TX18 with a....(gulp)....clamp-on. I have a friend with a TX20 going together with 502 BB. Mine was built in the early '80's and a pretty light hull. Still holding up well.
    Thanks, FC

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    I got a tx-19 87 model I love it best boat I ever rode in 454 dominator!!!!!!!! http://free.***

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    You must be another forkin crazy troll!!!
    I was saddened to see you government bitch go down!!

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    Well i have a 1988 18' CP light hull BBC and i love it. The name of the game as I see it in river racing is that anyone can be fast but can you be quick and that what a tx or cp is all about

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    okie dave
    i ran a youngblood 18' picklefork tunnell built by condor custom in 1988. it was a good quick boat for a stock bbc. later ran it with a stroker ford and it was quick and fast. later made a mold off it and built one a little lighter and raced ihba. high points runner-up in the '92 season. bad luck at three events kept me from being high points champ. got cheyennes now. faster, smoother ride, better looking in my opinion.

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    Rat Raft
    I have a 78 Youngblood 19' gullwing. I hear about TX19's and assume they are the same as my boat but all my title says is 19' Youngblood. It has had a pretty rough life and had several owners, all of which seemed to abuse it in one way or another but its still a good old boat and not too slow either.

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    Is that it? I figured there would be more than that. Saw one in ***boat Mag last fall? I think.
    Forgive the ignorance, but what is CP? Or
    BBC for that matter.
    Are there really that few of the old boats out there? Or yall don't want to reply to this ole clamp-on's post?
    I could have had a jet (or an I/O). Had a jam up motor going together and the X-bitch hit me with a divorce and pretty much broke the bank. Have not recovered yet. That is one reason for the OB. Only have a couple thousand in the 21 year old OMC. Runs 90's on the picklefork.
    I'm not prejuduce. If it flies, floats or, how you say, phucs? I want it! Thought I would move it back up to the top one more time. For those who did reply, and those who will reply, thanks!

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    fat rat
    Hey FCnLA, I'm on the east coast, DC area....theres a few tx 19's running here, there's also a company in Alabama building very simular looking models of the tx19 and tx 20, they are called Warhawk....has else heard of them. As far as you running an O/B thats cool by me.....I respect you and you respect me....not like some others that like to post crap just to see what they can stir up. Take care and good luck getting life back together.

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    I almost bought a Warhawk 20'pickle. Pretty decent quality, not quite Calif. standards but for the money worth it. It was $17,500 - $18,000 complete less engine, set-back pump, diverter, tandem trailer etc. If anyone is interested their no. is 205-487-4589

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    CP stands for California Performance and BBc stands for Big Block Chev.
    I dont know about a TX tunnel or a WARHAWK, BUT CP builds a 18.6 and 19.6 gullwing and an 18.6 tunnel. The tunnle is use mostly just for racing, not a rive or lake boat.
    As far as an O/B thats great as long as we are on the water.

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