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Thread: Ever see your old boat???

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    Does any ever see thier old boat on the water after selling it?
    We have been on the water almost every weekend for the past couple of years either in Havasu or Parker and would think that we would see our old boats atleast once.
    One time i saw 1 boat i owned about 3 boats ago in Parker but none of the others.They should be in good running cond.
    1 was a 94 Eliminator and another was a 98 Ultra.

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    I saw a pic of my old Cole at last years RRX Regatta.

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    My old boat is at Elsinore all the time.He was at FC3 with it.

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    life's a river
    My 92 20' Advantage was sold to a Havasu Deputy. (So I was Told) I never saw it on the lake but I did see it in the Boat trader a few months back. I miss that boat.

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    I see our Essex in Havasu quit often. :wink: And miss it.
    Late, Mike

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    I never see our 2001 htm ss24, i was told the boat is out at lake mead all the time...derek

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    I haven't seen my old boat since sombody stole it 2001. I look for it every trip but we have not seen ot once. I hope to see our current boat belong to someone else soon because it comes out in the trader tomorrow. Nick

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    Before we purchased our boat last summer we spent 3 years on our friends boat. It was pretty much the only boat I was ever on. He sold it last summer. I see it out on the lake here. I can not even look at it. I cried the first time I saw someone else driving it.

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    I sold my Essex to a guy with the same last name as me. I saw him at the sandbar

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    Heres a couple of my old ones i'd expect to see but never do.

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