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Thread: How do you polish aluminum??

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    Does anybody know the steps to polish aluminum to a shiny luster? Any sanding involved? Whats a good polish? If i use a polishing machine what kind of pad should i use? Whats the easiets way to polish an intake?

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    Check these guys out they have all the goodies http://free.***

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    You can polish small things your self pretty easy but for intakes and the like. You should send them out! Just not worth it. If it's a cast part you need to sand it smooth. The smoother the less buffing. I have a 7 1/2 HP buffer (huge bench grinder) with a 14" wheel. I use the green buffing compound. Polishing suck, you will get coverd in black from it.

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    Yeah, most stuff you should send out. It takes forever. polished aluminum looks bright, glows. Polished stainless looks like a mirror. aluminum is way easier. I use a 4 1/2" grinder. Use the 3M pads. Start with brown, blue, gray, then the buff wheel with a white jewelers wax. Straight surfaces are easiest(flat). Using a dremel takes forever and you will burn up a few. An average small blosk intake will take no less than 80 hours. Can`t compete with labor rate in Mexico. having it chromed doesn`t look as good unless you sand it first. What you are doing is "taking it down" all the scratches. If you do polish out something,,,,,listen to me,,,,,,,,have it clear coated or cleaning and re-polishing will be another full time job. Looks great at first but man, when it starts to stain, and it will, it looks like dirty chrome. a painted part dirty doesn`t look as bad as a chrome surface dirty.

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    Who should i send it out to to have it polished or chromed???

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    I would like my manifold polished. Is it less expensive to just buy a new polished one or get my current one polished? Anyone have any idea how much it would cost to have a manifold polished and where in So Cal?

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    Any hot rod shop will know where to send it. Yes, it is deffinately cheaper to buy it polished. Look in hot rod, car craft, maybe even hot boat. Remember to have it coated after. If not you are throwing your money away.

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    I've polished about half a dozen intakes and it takes forever and a day. Depending on the style of intake you have, polishing just the runners and painting the rest the same color as your motor looks great. It also cuts your time down about half. Try painting
    your runners with silver paint first to see if you like it.

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    Jungle Boy
    Have you considered getting it bead blasted or powder coated. Bead blasting may not be as shiny but it's close and alot cheaper if you factor any of your time into it. I have gotten a couple powder coated and it's easy to keep clean and shiny after several years (and very reasonable (55 bucks).
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