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Thread: Nitrous/Carb Spacer

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    When running a nitrous plate with a carb spacer, should the nitrous plate go above or below the spacer?

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    Just buy the HVH/NX system. All in one.

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    I run mine below the carb. I thought that way the spacer was realy just part of the intake. The intake looks like a prostocker and all seems to work great. I dont know if this is correct though.

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    Just buy the HVH/NX system. All in one.
    Not familiar with that one, who makes it?

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    Call HVH 865 573 9151. HVH designed most of Brodix's manifolds. This plate is based on his highly successful Super Sucker Carb Spacer. Tested against some other plate systems it made 50Hp more.

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    My under-carb setup ran on top of the spacer but that was because the spacer modded the stock iron spread-bore cross-H to fit a Holley 4150, and the N2O plate was square-bore as well. The N2O plate is still on my RPM Air Gap but no other plates. The spacer in my aplication let the manifold see a bit more of the other half of the carb too, similar to the cutout in the Performer RPM manifold I now run.

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    I wonder if I can hook that HVH plate up to my old Marvin M Miller N2O system.

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