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Thread: For the Love of Jet Boats......

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    We've all seen how everyone fawns all over the"new"hot boats.A 20-something cat with a pump gas blower motor,right?But what about the"original"hot boat,the one with the nasty big block,chrome bassets and a Berkeley pump hanging off the transom?What about the beauty of a rooster tail from the place diverter?We've seen all the regattas,hot boat gatherings and poker runs which talk about "Hot Boats",but in reality all of us jet boaters cannot participate in these for fear of being swamped by these"yachts"being used on the lake!!I saw the V-drive regatta and the light bulb went on....How bout a jet boaters regatta???JET BOATS ONLY!!!!!!It doesn't matter if you have a 78 bubble deck with twisties and a Panther pump or a 2001 Ultra with a setback Dominator and a bimini top,we as jet boaters need to unite!!Anyone who shares this lifelong love of jets please sound off.We need a location...I propose Laughlin,where the prop weenies can't hang out if the water is too low!!Anyone in agreement sound off!!!!

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    flat broke
    Do a search for the words Classic Boat Beach Bash. I'll have formal information to point you to in a couple of days, but basically, August 10th and 11th at the Avi Hotel/Casino just south of Laughlin. And don't forget to bring the boat.
    Chris (

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    I totally agree with you on a jet boat regatta high roller, the thing is the guy's that live in central and northern california would probably not tow all the way to laughlin to go boating, but if we could find a place in the middle, between So Cal and Nor Cal you might have a bigger turn out or aleast peole that are more motivated to participate. What do you think?

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    Our Tower Park Run in No CA is basically what you're proposing. Last year we had 11 jets and 1 Arneson drive. This year so far, we have 17 jets, an Arneson drive (Ken A), a v-drive (058), an I/O (Keith Zellmer)and whatever the heck Old Rigger brings. By the time all is said and done, we should have over 20 jets coming, it'll be great!

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    I believe Jokers Wild Productions put together a "Just Jets" gig last summer in Parker. Blue Water I think. I didn't make it but I heard it was well attended.

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    greg shoemaker
    It was 2 yrs ago and the attendance was OK.The problem was that the word just didn't get out so the attendance was low. It was held at the Bluewater Casino and everyone had a great time. When ever a promoter puts on one of these reggatas they have to a certian amount of boats to attend so they can break even. This one didn't break even so the next one is in question as to where and when. Greg

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    Why limit it to just jetboats? Us V-drivers have the same problems with the Hotyachts. We need even smoother water than you jetters and are subject to swamping as much if not more. Maybe if it weren't limited to just jets [or just V-drives] we could have a turnout that could justify the cost for doing it again. Perhaps limiting it to boats under 20' That seperates the low profile boats from the daycruisers and bigger. Personally I prefer a rooster tail from a prop than a Place diverter but thats JMO.

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    The Classic Boat Beach Bash is open to all drive types (even outboards, http://free.*** j/k).
    The RSVP form for the Bash will be up and running very soon. I'm almost done recreating it.
    As for moving it to Central CA, all I can say is - not this time. I think there's probably as many or more boats that'll come out of Az and Las Vegas area anyway. Besides, many central and northern Ca boaters make one trip a year to Havasu. Maybe they can plan their trips around this event.
    So Laughlin IS the location for 2002. Maybe somewhere else next year.
    RTJas http://free.***

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    I sent a E mail to ***boat about a jet regatta, they were going to have one this year,havn't heard anything yet,As Greg said attendance was low , but we had fun.If we all E-mail ***boat about the reggatathis early,we can get the word out and have alot of boats there,try try try,! to email them the more the better. Lets get it going. Thanks Jim

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    I went to the JUST JETS REGATTA at Bluewater and had a great time. I would attend again if it were at Bluewater, not Havasu. Havasu is too big and way to rough for the 18 & 19 foot jets.

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