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Thread: Welcome new member Focker

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    Welcome to the party Focker

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    When do we meet this Focker?

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    Welcome to the Jungle.
    Love the screen name.

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    Listen here Focker, play nice or I will tell your mother Focker

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    Thanks Everyone
    Ill Be At The Zoo On Mem Weekend

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    Yea you must be a Focker cause you have an Advantage :devil:

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    How's it hanging Focker? Welcome aboard. Nice truck and boat. Very similar to my set up. I'll look out for you at the zoo that weekend.
    Dude get my girlfriend's picture off your avatar.

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    Welcome Focker..

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    What's up Foxy? You been posting pretty regular huh? I saw some of your posts and it seems like you have done this before. I'm another newbie here. We joined about a week apart and you are only a few posts behind me.

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    Tom Brown
    How's it hanging Focker?
    With a screen name like that, you better really put out.

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