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Thread: looking for hustler

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    hey hustler, Brian here talked to you out at castaic about the msd. just wondering if you were able to get a price for me.
    you can e-mail me at or you can call me at 562-404-7037

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    Speaking of Hustler, and Castaic in the same sentence, when is the next trip out there. It seems like each one gets better and better. I can't go this weekend, but next week or weekend would be fine. I'm off work next week, so if anyone has time to go boating, let me know. Mellow, hows that pump working out? Do you have any pictures yet? email them to me and I'll put them up on my site.

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    hb...i am off work for two weeks (due to torn tri-cept from the gym) so i am down for a castaic trip. let me know.
    call me at 562-404-7037
    or cell 562-972-7037

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    Whats happenin Mellow Yellow I'm glad you remined I'm accutly on the phone with him now and he told me he will check the prices tommorow so I'll call you later. As far as castaic we are planing on going out sunday and hopfully Chestah will have the Cheetah together. by the way whats up with the volcom deal.
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    hey hustler....sunday is good..will be there.
    what do you mean about the "volcom deal" during the winter all i do (besides work and wait for summer) is snowboard, and volcom is just the brand of clothing that i like.
    looking forward to hearing from you.
    by the way how was the delta...i almost went up there.

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