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Thread: Name Change??????

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    Someone told me it's bad luck to change the name of a boat. Anyone feel the same?
    Also, I was real disappointed with the construaction of my '94 Caliber 1 206 SKR I rencently purchased. Needs work but I got a sweet deal on it. Finally got all the floor out. Apparently Caliber tried to skimp a little and used drywall screws to fasten the flooring to the stringers. Cheap. Additionally, the floor was 5-ply 3/4". Not good wood to start with. Also, the ends of the sub stringers were not completely sealed. Luckily they're still good.
    My point is this. If you are having a new boat built, stop by the shop on occasion to inspect the progress and what types of materials are going into it. Just my two cents.

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    I'm suprised your finding this type or problem in the Caliber. They were known as one of the best mfg's back in the early 90's.
    I have a 98 Shockwave and watched its construction at various stages including mold prep, getcoat, layup, etc. I was very impressed with their work. All was first class and the boat has 375 hours on it without a creek or groan. Very solid and built to last.
    Good luck with your boat. Sounds like your ready for beer at this point after all the work

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    spectras only
    Hey Slick ,I never named my boat [no name boat],maybe that's why I had good luck with it for the past 26 years hehe! Yeah,they should have used stainless screws on your boat at least.Was the floor resin coated at all?It should have lasted longer for a 94 boat.If you 're in the process to replace the floor ,do it with Kelron from Canada [Toronto],it's like KingStarbord for half the price.

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    The floor was resin coated and the screws counter sunk. The screws were badly corroded and broke off very easily. I checked into the Kelron. Still a little expensive and I don't think I want to mess with that kind of installation. You have to leave so much room for expansion on the side of the boat as well as for fastners and anything you are securing to the floor. I'm going with 3/4" marine ply, fiber mesh and resoning the hell out of it. It's a big friggin production.
    Thanks for the reply
    P.S. -- I've had many beers as a result of my endeavor.

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    I've heard that it is not bad luck to change the name a boat as long as you re-christen it.

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    Actually, my wife and I rechristened the boat in the garage the night we brought it back from the river.

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    I think the name has to be dumb to re-christen it. The boat will appreciate it and respond likewise... "Keep on Truckin" or "Happy Daze" are good candidates http://free.***

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    Aw come on Froggy "Keep on Truckin" ? Its a jet boat not a Peterbuilt.

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