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Thread: carb identification?

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    I got a lead on a carb but I can't tell which one or size it is. I believe it's a road deamon but i'm not sure. It has the choke tower but the choke has been removed. The only #'s on the carb are on the bottom of the butterfly's. all plates have 1.69 on them. It's a square bore, double pumper. Is there a way to tell if is a 750,850 ? Thanks

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    if the choke was removed by a reputable shop they will restamp the #'s on the carb,now if someone got out the sawzall and grinder,well you know...

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    You say the choke tower (air horn) is still there? I wonder why Demon wouldn't stamp their part # there like Holley does. Anyhow, if you can measure the venturis (bores) you should be able to settle size (and maybe model) here .. : 1-800-994-CARB -- Demon's phone #.
    I can't imagine (well, yea, I can) why anyone would actually cut off the air horn thinking it was "in the way" of the carb breathing. The opening it surrounds is a lot larger than the carb venturi area anyhow. I've seen tests where carbs flowed better with at LEAST the bottom tray (and often all) of the air cleaner on than they did with nothing "in the way".

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