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Thread: Flow-coat

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    I know this has been beat to death but I need to find out where to get it to finish my floor ahd how much do I need

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    Hey Rich,
    are ya workin' the Shovelnose? :idea:

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    Hey Rich,
    are ya workin' the Shovelnose? :idea:
    I think it is working me, I have it off the trailer

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    Rev-Chem Plastics.....909 or the area code may of changed to 951 (877-8477, 875-5046). Ask if they have a distributer in your area, chances are they do. You'll need a gallon of what is called Dura Tec high gloss clear (flow coat). They also make an anti-fisheye additive that I highly recommend especially when doing older floors. You'll also need the MEK hardener. If your looking to do the stringers or the center section in a different color they make that also. Good luck.

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    Here ya go!
    Revchem Plastics! (

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    Rich....There's a place in West Sac.... Call Mike's Marine, they can get it for you...Ask for Greg or Brian..But they will be in Red bluff till Monday.....

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    Thanks everyone now one more question, would you do the finish work the floor first or do the paint on the out side first so there is no way of overspay on the inside????????

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    Do the inside first, you know you're going to ding the outside while working on the inside!.. Use a drop cloth on the floor and tape newspaper to the gunnels to cover the inside while you paint the boat!..

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    Im doing a little temporary patch work behind my shaft log where the flow-coat chipped up, about a 5"x 3" area. I plan on doing the whole floor someday, but for now it's basically in really good shape. To say the least I was really bummed to see the chipping. Sooo I hope to get away with a quicker fix right now so I can get the boat put back together, and on the water again. After grinding the loose stuff away should I use a spray gun to apply the resin?? Does the stuff stack up within a couple coats??? Whats works realy good on the rest of the floors to get them to shine back up???

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    NO, you dont have to spray it. You can float on coats with a brush. Build it up enogh to be able to block sand it flush. Stepping to a finer grit paper. Finish with 800 wet and buff it in with a med. to course compound. As for the rest of the floor, wet sand with 800 also and buff it up. I cant say how much it will improve, it really depends on how bad it is. It's worked for me several times so give it a shot. Just another idea, after sanding, mask off everything and shoot a few coats of urathane clear on it. Done that too... good luck and if you need more just call me.
    Mike :notam: :hammerhea

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