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Thread: Changes to Roost

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    Ken F
    Okay Guys, here it is in a nutshell. Last year cost me $1200 out of my own pocket to put on the roost. (and Ruggs traded a paint-job for the Band) I'm not doing that again this year. Just can't.
    So far, 7 people have registered, and 3 have paid. As you can see, it is pretty hard to tell the caterer how many people we will need to feed, and it's getting pretty close to time that he has to know.
    Last year we had about 50 people send me emails saying they would attend, and probably 130-150 showed up. About 75 attended dinner, which is where we collected fees, so there were about half who attended but did not contribute or attend dinner. One of these that I can think of was by far the loudest critic of last years roost also. Doesn't that just figure???? LOL
    IF by the time I return from France on 10 June, there is not a dramatic enrollment, I have no choice but to make some crucial changes.
    They will be as follows:
    1. Band will be cancelled
    2. Money will be refunded to those who have paid to date.
    3. Awards Ceremony & prizes will be cancelled.
    4. T-shirts will be ordered and paid for at the roost, and sent by mail.
    5. There will be a pot-luck dinner on Saturday night where everyone brings something.
    6. We will still have the bridge Roost, and video & pictures.
    This may not be a bad way to do things anyway. To me, Sunday was the best day of the two last year. It was more laid-back, people got the opportunity to talk more and get to know each other. The first roost was basically a pre-determined time for a get together, and everyone had a great time both days.
    Post up your's not set in stone....yet.
    Ken F

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    Back Forty
    Dammit Ken... I'll be the first to say that this is a plain blow out. Last year was so nice( and I was one of the skip's on the party) Fokes, you're missing out if you don't commit to such a wonderful event. I'm down here in S.W. Florida and just yesterday I met a couple who moved down (from NW Ark) and were "very" aware of the Eaglerock Meet. This is the place to be for the Mid West. SIGN UP NOW!!!!!!!!!!! "You will not regret it!".
    This lake is beautiful to say the least..!!! Jets, V-drives and Egg beaters are BIGTIME at this event. Everybody's welcome fokes!
    Please represent! I offer the 7/70 on this one!!! You won't regret it!!!
    and many more!!!
    Fokes from last year step in and post!

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    Ken F
    I'm not cancelling the roost, but I'm not going to finance it again either.
    We will still have the same roost, just without the awards, dinner & band.
    Instead we can have a pot-luck dinner, which might create a better atmosphere anyhow. Still can do the white river run, bridge roost, ect.
    I'm not really sure it would detract from it, and possibly make it better!
    Thanks on the kudos for last year by the way!
    Ken F

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    Ken I think the pot luck dinner at this point would be a good idea. No need in sticking your neck out again! If you do stick with these changes will this affect the registration fees? I was curious so I'm sure there are others wondering as well.
    Anyway.......this is your gig, just let us know what you decide.
    Edit: I re-read your post & I guess there will be no registration fees if you stick with these changes.

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    whatever happened to the bridge video from last year???? definitely a fun event although I am pretty sure I won't be in attendance this year. That is one hell of a pull from SE Texas.
    Now what really needs to happen is for Ken and all the rest to make the pull to Texas where we have 80-150 jetboats at an event. Talk about wild. Come on guys.........

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