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    quiet riot
    I've got a 94 f-150 with the 302 and am thinking of doing a motor refresh. Its got 130k miles and is a little weak for what I want to do/tow. I've done the exhaust, air intake, chip, gears, and lifted it.
    I was thinking of doing a super charger kit but with the motor being up there in age I thought maybe a rebuild would be better. Thinking of stroking it to 331 and adding the 64cc windsor iron heads I have just lying around (2.02 int.) This would put it at 9.7 comp ratio, 91 oct area for iron heads I guess.
    Do I need to have the computer reflashed if I do some mods like this? I figured I'd have to change the injectors and maybe throttle body size but don't know if this is a learning type efi or one thats needs a new program.
    Anybody have any experience with this or suggestions? A new rig is outta the question right now due to building a shop and other stuff on the table this year. I've upgraded a lot of stuff and it has the E40D tranny (same as 3/4 tons in the era) that I'll have it rebuilt just to be safe at the same time.

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    Well since a new rig is out what about a new to you rig maybe something with a 351 in it? I had a 351 in my 96 Bronco and loved that motor. Or maybe a rebuilt 351 in the f150 in place of the 302, should be a easy fit

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    Rebuild and blower. :crossx: I would really try and get the compression ratio down closer to 8.5 to 1 if you're gonna supercharge it. This will allow you to run more boost, non intercooled, and it won't be a picky about the gas. I still recommend 91 though. As far as the ECM I think you would definately need a retune. Larger injectors too.
    If your just gonna rebuild, I'd look at one of the turn-key crate engines out there. Put a built 351 in there for probably $5000 or $6000. Less if you don't need all the accessories.
    Give Mike at QMP racing a call he can probably steer you in the right direction. Good Luck
    QMP Racing (

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    Speedin' Ian
    That motor has a mass air meter so it will learn to a certain degree.

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    Save the 5-6K that you are going to spend on this upgrade (at least). Sell the truck outright, add the 5-6K to what you get. Start looking for a 3-5 year old 3/4 ton with either diesel or Triton (since you're a Ford guy) and call it a day. You will have better mileage and be alot safer towing. Heavier duty rear end, trans, coolers, etc. More towing friendly. Just an idea.

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    quiet riot
    I think I found a local shop that sounds pretty knowledgeable on the efi chassis dyno tuning. They said with the mass air setup that I can get it pretty close with a throttle body/injector upgrade but it'd be worth while to have the computer reflashed. I think I'm gonna do the rebuild/stroke and not a blower, don't want to get to wild with it.
    I'm gonna hang onto this rig cause I'm pretty sure I'll give it to my boy in a few years. I would buy another one sooner but I want to wait a year for tax/business purposes as well as all the expenses I got now.
    Anyone have any pro's/con's of having the computer reflashed on a daily driver? The suspension and drive train should be all up to par to handle what I want to throw at it, just want to make sure an altered computer would be reliable.
    It'll run about $3k for engine upgrades cause I already have the heads and some parts, just need the rotating assy, injectors, throttle body, and block machine work.

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