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Thread: Jet pump noise

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    At an auction I just bought a beautiful 1987 Stallion 19ft tunnel hull pickel fork with a 454 and a Dominator pump. When I start the boat out of the water(on the trailer) the pump makes an ear splitting skreeching/squeeling noise the instant the motor fires. I,ve had 4 other jet boats and I could run them all with no problems on the trailer for a few seconds to be sure they start before leaving for the lake and to blow the water out of the exhaust when leaving the lake. Is something wrong with the pump in my new boat? Is it the bearing, bushing, wear ring or what sqweeling? Are the clearances to close? Too worn? It seems to be fine in the water.
    The impeller has a few pretty big chips in the leading edges of the vanes. How much, if any, top speed could I be losing because of the chips. I really don't want to overhaul the pump just yet, but I will if I need to (I'm rebuilding the motor right now because someone put a halfass "get it running long enough to sell" motor in it and spun the bearings 2 hours after I got it).
    Has anyone ever herd of a STALLION? Where were they made? Are they Still in business? It is a beautiful boat, but I can't find any history on it.
    Thanks for any help, Scott.

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    I can't help you with technical stuff because I'm an idiot in that regard, but... If you've already got the motor out, I think I'd save myself the headache down the road and rebuild the pump. Why not get it all done now or during the winter months so you don't have any downtime during next season.
    Just my $.02.

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    Could have been a very tight clearance on your wear ring. Never run it out of water, that helps lube it. Could have been your thrust bearing. Try it in the water, give us some rpm and speed numbers. And listen for noises.

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    Sounds fine in the water. or you can spray water up into the intake and it will run quite on the trailer, but start it with no water and you better have ear plugs in. Boat only ran about 60mph at 4600rpm, but the engine had some serious problems and I did not run it long, I'll have a fresh engine in it in a couple of weeks. I know engines, but have never had to work on a pump before.

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