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Thread: Paging Tom and Terry

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    Tom, sorry you have to work today. It's about noon and I'm going to go aloft to take some pics of the channel before it gets to hot, I told you I was going to be around after I get down but I'm going to launch and hit the lake for a closer view if the channel isn't closed already. So, give Me a call when you get off work and I'll pick you guys up at the spot! Steve

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    You won't be picking me up. Unless your comming up north.

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    Go into the "user cp" and do it all there.
    I just landed and Jimmy and I are going to launch at 4:00 and head to the sand bar, Winsor will be back open by then, Kieth, Laura, Gerald, and Yvet are at the sand bar now, we'll be there till after dark bbqing dinner.
    I'm gonna work on getting these pics posted like I said.
    Tom, Terry, call and go with.

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