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Thread: Finally movin along.

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    I was putin my boat back together after the rapair to the 2 foot crack in my hull.
    New wiring, new alt, all SS, new bling on the dash, ect.
    Puttin my new one wire alt in, I busted a bolt. Got it out, and busted another. I was pissed. I walked away.
    Well, over a month later, ITS OUT!! Need a few small items, bolt an nut wise, other than that, I am on my way to gettin wet!!

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Lets git er wet!!! Time's a wasting. I'll be a Cottonwood cove tomorrow afternoon if ya need a goal to meet! Budlight

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    where are the pics dan??? Let us see what youve done

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    Why would anyone wanna see pictures of empties next to his boat, well I a don't have any empties of my own to show. Dan its you and me 2am tonight we will test fire the boat and see if the neighbors thinks it tuned properly.

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