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    I remember a post that had the "Marine Industry Standard Wiring" wire coloring chart that was 3-4 pages. Anybody know how/where I can find it again? Thanks

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    Standard Boat Wiring color Codes.
    Blk -Grounds-General
    Blk/Brn -Pump Grounds
    Blk/Red -Voltmeter Grounds
    Blk/Org -Isolated Accessory Grounds
    Blk/Yel -ignition stop
    Blk/Grn -Water Level Sender Ground
    Blk/Blu -Lighting Grounds
    Blk/Gry -Nav Light Grounds
    Blk/Wht -Battery Parallel Solenoid
    Brown -Pumps-General, Bilge or Sump (Manually Switched)(Also alternator starter to Ign.)
    Brn/Red -Pumps, Bilge or Sump
    Brn/Org -Power feed to Auto Bilge Switches-Pumps, Fuel/Oil Tranfer or Priming
    Brn/Yel -Baitwell or Aerator
    Brn/Grn -Fresh Water Pump/Water Maker
    Brn/Blu -Head Pump
    Brn/Vio -Washdown Pump
    Brn/Wht -trim pos sender
    Red - Battery Feeds Unprotected
    Red/Vio -Misc. Accy. Main Feed Protected (fused) from batt to trim panel.
    Pink -Fuel Sender
    Org/Blk -Audio System Feed
    Org/Brn -Electric Head-Sanitation System
    Org/Red -Wiper Port
    Orange -Accessories common feed- Dist Panel to Acc switch-Anode Electrode-Mercathode
    Org/Yel -Diesel Pre-heat
    Org/Grn -Wiper Stbd
    Org/Blu -Communications Equipment
    Org/Vio -Navigation Equipment
    Org/Wht -Wiper Center
    Yel/Blk -Choke - Neutral saftey trans mounted
    Yel/Red -Start Solenoid(starting circut), Neutral Safety
    Yel/Org -Powered Ventilation, Fans
    Yellow -Bilge Blowers -(also alternator DC output)
    Yel/Wht -Rudder Angle Sender
    Grn/Red -Stop Solenoid/Kill Switch
    Grn/Yel -AC Grounding
    Green -Bonding
    Grn/Wht -Engine Trim in and or tilt down
    Grn/Org -Engine Independent Trim down
    Blu/Blk -Cabin Lights
    Blu/Brn -Oil Temp Send
    Blu/Red -Cabin or Cockpit Lights Port
    Blu/Org -Engine Independent Tilt Up
    Blu/Yel -Lighting Circuits to Remote Send
    Blu/Grn -Cabin or Cockpit Lights Stbd
    Blu -Instrument & General Lighting
    Blu/Vio -Courtesy, Boarding Lighting
    Blu/Wht -Engine Trim Outand/or Tilt Up
    Light Blue -Oil Pressure
    Vio/Red -Eng. or Generator B+ from Breaker
    Vio/Yel -I/O Trim Up (ballast bypass)
    Vio/Grn -I/O Trim Down
    Vio -12v Ignition-Generator or Engine
    Vio/Wht -Trim "Trailer" switch
    Gry/Blk -Mast Light
    Gry/Red -Spotlight Remote
    Gry/Org -Docking Lights
    Gry/Grn -Strobe or Beacon
    Gry/Blu -Spreader/Flood Lights
    Gry/Vio -Windlass/Winch
    Gray -Navigation (running) Lights, Tach. Send
    Gry/Wht -Anchor Light
    Wht/Brn -Temp. Alarm or Indicator
    Wht/Red -Fuel Alarm or Indicator -((Ignition module to Dist.)Mercury Thunderbolt Ignition)
    Wht/Org -Fire Alarm or Indicator
    Wht/Yel -Air Flow Alarm or Indicator
    Wht/Grn -Water Press/Flow Alarm or Indicator - ((Ignition module to Dist.)Mercury Thunderbolt Ignition)
    Wht/Blu -Oil Press Alarm or Indicator
    Wht/Vio -Voltage Alarm or Indicator
    White -General Alarm Usage, Yamaha Kill Switch
    Tan - Water Temp sender
    Tan/Blu -Warning system sense wire (Audio warning)
    Pink -Fuel sender

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    Thanks Sangster!

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