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Thread: Sucks To Be Me!!

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    So Thursday I reached out to pick up a printer out of the back of my truck and felt it right away, I still ran my call (work) and then went to my buddies house and laid down couldnt get up to make it home till about 9:00 pm. (hurts like hell....)
    Took Friday off hoping it would get better.(it didnt, & still hurts like hell)
    So today at about noon I couldnt stand it anymore!!!! :cry: and went to the ER, They gave me a shot of Dilaudid, Codine and Flexoril.. and an appointment to go back monday..
    (that Dilaudid is some fun stuff)
    At this point I'm ready to get a loan and pay for a MRI and surgery on my own (or atleast try to)
    The real kick in the ASS is,
    I borrowed a buddies truck and we replaced the radiator and chargrd the AC so I could get the boat back to the river this weekend, Well here I sit at home with pills.. :frown: (my buddie got a few good pics of me as the shot of dilaudid started to kick my ass) :jawdrop:
    So I sure hope everyone else has a better weekend than me.
    Force 26

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    beer hunter
    Enjoy the good meds and I hope you're feeling better soon!

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    Doesnt sound good...
    Hope its only a little strain

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    Phat Matt
    You gonna hook a brotha up? I hurt all over.

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    Doesnt sound good...
    Hope its only a little strain
    I think its a blown disk!!

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    You gonna hook a brotha up? I hurt all over.
    ats funny!!

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    little rowe boat
    Try a Chiropractor,I have one that puts me back together 3 or 4 times a year.

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    Cold packs and heat packs, just lay there........
    My wife made me one of these: Put uncooked white rice in a sock.....a big tube sock. Sew the end shut, Microwave it for 2.5 minutes. Awesome heat pack.

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    I think its a blown disk!!
    Don't mess with it. See a good neurosurgeon, and get a proper diagnosis. trust me.

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    Good to see you back Phebus.

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