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Thread: Aerial pics of the new parking in the channel

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    Here are the aerial pics of the channel with the new parking situation here in Havasu, this weekend was pretty calm being the week before the holiday, I haven't posted pics before so I hope they come out ok.
    Ok I have tried to post these pics but for some reason they generate an error, I give up and have spent to much time and money on this and invite someone to help, maybe I can email these to someone who can post them, I got some good pics of the channel and sandbar on Saturday. I'm frustrated and give up..........

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    Check your PM's

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    yo, resize the pics first, they are too large for a dialup. or bring them over .

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    waiting..... HavaSteve you are such a tease............ :cry:

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    This is a new one.... I don't even see the dread X

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    beer hunter

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    Image Size & Pic Posting Link (http://www2.***
    How do you load videos?

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    Image Size & Pic Posting Link (http://www2.***
    Thanks Beer Hunter, I'm working on them now.

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    How do you load videos?
    Good question. I wanna load a vid too but could never figure it out.. Maybe you need to host it on another site and link to it?

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