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    I have a few questions. I dont post much but read when I can.
    I have 19' 1980 record7. At 84mph it proposes badly. What should I try first or is most likely to fix it.
    Should I try a wedge down on the droop? I have two 2 deg wedges that I can try. Or should I adjust the ride plate down until it stops. I already went 2 deg down on the ride plate & didn't seem to help. If it did It was not enough to notice.
    So I done know if more is a waste of time on the ride plate or if it should be 4-6 deg down? How much would start to make it go slower? I have a few questions.
    Also I has a pressure gauge hooked up & am not sure what it should read or if its working right? It says 21-25psi (bounces) Should it say more? It goes slower when I go 1 size bigger or 1 size smaller than the red nozzle in the place diverter. I don't remember if the pressure drops or pics up with another size than the red nozzle.
    I also have a shoe, no hook, speed coat & a spoon shaped hump before the intake. The pump is not set back.
    I did it the dumb way & got everything at one time so I have a lot of tuning to do. I had the money at the time & knew it was now or never. I had it all done about a yr 1/2 ago. I can only do about an hour or so at a time alone. Because usually when I'm out with the family its for fun not tuning.
    Motor has 500-525hp.
    Anyone experience this & fix it one way or the other let me know. Then I can work on trying different cuts on the shoe & other things like more Hp.

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    Maybe I missed it in your post, but I didn't see a loader in your list. If not from what I've newly learned myself, you need one with that kind of speed and horsepower. regardless if it helped the porpoising problem or not.
    I guess the obvious question is: since you have a place diverter, what inputs do you put into the diverter to stop the porpoise at WFO? I would think that would give you an idea about what is causing the porpoise. I'm assuming that when you drop the PD down a notch or two it goes away right?

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Where is this pressure guage hooked up to? By the way that looks like my old boat, where did you buy it? When I had a record 7 boat like that, mine porpised at 70mph, never cured it. But I didn't have a Placediverter. But I think that starting with a correct loader is definately a step in the right direction. Budlight

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    Yes, I have a speed grate (loader??) When I put a different size nozzle in the place diverter either bigger or smaller I lose 1-2 mph & it still porposs but not as much. I think not as much because at 80 or so it don't porposs.
    Id like to get rid of the porposs while keeping the speed I have. Am I wrong to think that if I get rid of the porposs the right way I should pick up a little by doing it?
    It never porposed before I added the plate, shoe, hump, removed hook & B stainless impeller, & it had an A impeller at that time.
    I had the Droop (no wedge), Place diverter & speed grate before & was at 79mph with the last motor that had around 400hp. It was as smooth as glass driving it before.
    I bought it from a friend that got it from a guy in central Ca that rarely used it. Because hi wife was scared of it. When I got it. It had no droop, diverter or speed grate. It had the 454 in it & did 65mph. I added the droop, diverter or speed grate & got it to 79mph over the first year I had it.

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    Sangster Dave at GT Boats in Cordillia...They have worked on a few Record7's & they seem to run well.... Good people, Great work...

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    Try Pulling The Ride Plate Up..... If You Run It Down, It Will Create Hook, And Cause A Porpose... Try 3 Degrees Up, Then Tune Around That.. Good Luck.

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    Cole Man II
    Paul Boats has a Record-7 that runs in the low 80's with no porposs. He is not on the boards, but will be at Camp Far West on Father's Day.
    Maybe you can compare notes if your around.

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    GT boats did all the work. Dave told me to try the ride plate down or maybe wedge the droop down. He says the plate will cause drag & the wedge wont. But either way if it causes drag or not it should pick up mph when its gone.
    I'm just hoping to get the most likely fix first since I'll only be able to be out an hour or so. Then it may take weeks-month to get out for another hour or so.
    I started with the plate 2 deg's up where they installed it at. Then I put it at 0 deg's & it either didn't make a difference or it was small enough to not really tell. So you think it should go up instead? I thought I was trying to keep the bow down since it was coming up so far.
    Dave at GT says they put a hump in that was for around 600hp. I ended up using a spare motor with 500-525hp for now. So he said that it may have a problem riding on the hump with to little hp. If that's true then at the end of the year when I go with my aluminum 540cid motor with 780hp am I going to have the same problem?
    Cole Man II,
    Where is Far west at. What is he running in his Record7? I had a 79' 16 years ago that was just 65mph & never thought it was more than a ski boat. I had a friend that had one a year ago that did 85mph without the ride plate, shoe & Droop. He had 550hp though & reved to 6500rpm. I dont know what impeller he had but it was a different pump too. Mine is at 5400 right now. I only gained 100rpms when I did everything.

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    IMHO, I'd tinker a bit more with the ride plate angle as a try. My Taylor has the Berk "F" "Cavitation Plate" (yes, shorter than a ride plate) and the factory diverter. The plate is adjusted to let her get pretty bow high to losten up. There is a sweet spot though where it carries well, and any higher just generates porposing and any lower pushes the bow down creating drag.

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