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    I am switching from HARDIN exhaust logs to REWARDER water injected headers. My question is should I be worried about no longer being able to preheat the water before it enters my motor now? I have a idea on how I could possibly heat it a little, but is it a big enough deal to worry about? Thanks

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    Wet Dream
    You might be able to come up with something to recirulate the water and add a little heat to the water going back into the block, but basically you aren't going to be able to capture any heated water from the headers.
    Not a good idea: building a fire and running a coiled line through it in the back of your boat to preheat the water. http://free.***

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    Here's something to consider............
    If you plan on running an oil cooler, you can plumb your ride so the first thing the cold water sees is the oil cooler! That will have a little bit of a pre-heating effect and also maximize your oil coolers functionality.
    Just my .02

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    This is what I came up with, sounds corney so don't laugh. I put a T fitting right after my first gate valve, then went to both sides of the motor with 5/8" copper tubing that runs along my block and makes contact with all four header primary tubes, insulated hose hangars held by my header bolts hold the tubing snuggly against the rewarders. Then the copper tubing goes back into rubber hose and directly into the water plate.(the other side water line does the same thing) All copper to rubber hose junctions have been ridged and double clamped. I know it wont heat it much, or maybe it will, but I figured anything is better than nothing. I know it sounds ugly and okey, but you really can't even see it.

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    hey clutch that was what i was going to say were useing a olson cooler and it works great pre heats the water a little new there about 475.00 used around 250.00

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    Clutch, Wideopen, what do you think of my setup? Do you see any problems with what I described? I'll take any wise advice to keep this first time jetter from making too many mistakes. Thanks!

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    Q-ball, damn, boy, you keep thinken of all these questions you gonna git yurself in trouble! Why, do you want to pre-heat the water? You not gonna put that thing on a lake where you gotta cut a hole in the ice are you? When you launch, keep your RPM's down til you build a little heat.
    Facts of life with a jet boat. With some exceptions, they run cold. 120-160. It don't matter, it don't hurt um, you wouldn't notice any difference in power. Next fact; you gonna find moisture in the top of the valve covers, don't matter, don't hurt, as long as it's not in the oil pan and on the dipstick you'll not need to worry.
    The answer to your next question is; yes, if come down south to the Parker/Havasu area you'd damn-well better have a tastee looking gal( or six) with you or Dave won't let you on his river!

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    Riodog, thanks for the advice, (I think?!?), I know enough about trucks to get me by, but I'm petty new to jets, last year was my first year of ownership. Not to mention my bad habit of always messing with s#@t!! I have read enough in this forum to know that you guys (and probably gals too) know what your talking about, so I just like hearing your ideas. Later dog!!

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    I'm with Riodog on this one. Your trying to hard! Cold is O.K. My setup seldom sees more than 120 unless I'm idleing in the canal forever, then it might get as high as 150 tops. I don't run a thermostat and I run Basset OT's very similar to yours. My advise is to be more concerned with building too much water pressure rather than being concerned about temp. To remedy this in an economic fashion, just be sure the coolant lines leaving the block are the same in quantity (that is if one in use at least one out) and at least the same size (preferably a little larger). for instance, I have a single Dash 10 line coming of the pump that Tees into 2 Dash 8's before entering the block. Then, I have two Dash 8's leaving the water outlet (or Thermostat housing) one of those goes directly to a transom dump, the other Tee's again at a Bassett check valve and enters the exhaust headers. With this setup I have never had a problem with too much block pressure. I am currently plumbing a third return line from the tunnel ram that will go through an oil cooler. Hope this helps, if you have any more questions just ask..........we're all willing to help the new guys!!!

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    Q-Ball ......
    by the way, there are lots of threads here in this forum that show lots of different ways to remedy excess pressure problems. Check them out! My way is just one solution.

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