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Thread: Blowing Hoses Like ~cRaZy~ Need Help!

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    Okay, I will try to explain this clearly, and will add pics to illustrate. Any help is appreciated. I'm pulling my hair out, and wasting what little summer we get in Michigan! Please help...
    The problem. Had a turn-key boat. Running waterlogs and a stock 12Jc pump on a 1976 455olds. No problems, but I wanted more. Added Basset headers and replaced the tired old berkeley with a new dominator pump with droop and divertor.
    Soon after, I began blowing the recirculating hose from the top of the water pump to the bottom. Not sure what this does now, but once upon a time, this is the large hose that runs from the thermostat housing to the top of the radiator, than from the radiator back to the engine. The water pump is still installed but obviously no radiator, so it just loops from the top to the bottom. (Large hose about 1-1/2" or 2" diameter) This hose blew everytime I'd get on the throttle with the new pump/header set-up. Bent up a piece of aluminized exhaust pipe and presto, no more blowing that hose.
    Then, I guess the water sought out the next weakest link. A 1/2" outlet from the water pump housing that's now capped with a rubber cap and hose clamp. This is now my weak point that blows anytime I jump on the throttle.
    I have since added a 1/2" pressure regulator to the inlet hose between the pump and the engine. I set the valve to trip at garden hose pressure. (I have a well not city water... pretty poor pressure). If the valve trips, diverted water is directed overboard. In my head, this reduces the water ingoing to the engine, and would hopefully minimize the hose issues. Whether it helped or not... who knows, but it did not cure the problem. The same plug continues to blow.
    I have picture that I marked-up showing the routing of my plumbing and my trouble areas. I will try to attach these. This is driving me nuts. And I'm out of ideas. WSNRCG%3D3232955373%3B45nu0mrj DXROQDF%3E2323864464%3A55ot1lsi

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Where is your overboard discharge from engine? Budlight

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    The orange line out of the left side of the thermostat housing has an adjustable valve used to set the RPM water enters the exhaust. All water that passes this valve is discharged overboard.

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    I see what looks like a pulley and maybe a water pump??? Is this correct?
    You need to put a pressure guage somewhere in line to double check your presssure in the system.

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    The orange line out of the left side of the thermostat housing has an adjustable valve used to set the RPM water enters the exhaust. All water that passes this valve is discharged overboard.
    That won't work. You need to have a separate line dedicated to overboard, and one to the headers, or T off the overboard line, then a valve to your headers. You can't regulate your overboard water to that degree. Also, overboard line should be as big, if not bigger than inlet line.

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    BK DXROQDF%3E2323864464%3A55ot1lsi
    First thing, is that a water pump? If so it shouldnt be there. Man theres alot going on with your t-stat housing!!! Your water inlet should go into a timing chain cover and your outlet should be your thermous stat housing. I also see one of your outlets at the thermous stat has an adjustment valve after it before it dumps overboard? You definatley dont want to restrict water on the outlet side!!!!! Could cause excess block pressure which could cause other problems, very bad. Let me look at it a bit more and mabey find you a pic of someone elses setup, plus im sure others will chime in with advice.

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    I see it now, sorry. Why do you have a water pump? I would re plumb the entire setup. Way too many hoses and parts. Remove water pump and install a plate with 2each 1/2 connections. Now plumb from jet pump to front of block splitting with a tee below engine. Put the bypass inbetween and dump overboard with it's own line. Put a standard 2 outlet thermostat housing and run 1 overboard and 1 to bassett valve. Much cleaner. Budlight

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    I agree.....You have waaaayyyy too much going on there. It should look like this...................

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    Where are you in MI? There are a couple of us on here, maybe we could come by and have a look.........I'm in real estate, so my hours tend to be pretty flexible.......drop me a PM and we'll see what we can do for you.......

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    Yup. Ditch the water pump. Jet pump will provide the circulation pressure. You're putting your water in where it's supposed to be coming out of the motor. Where the water pump bolts to the block is where it's feeding the motor cooled water from the radiator. That's where you want your water going in, on each side of the block, as BL said. Then you want your water coming out of the block at the thermostat hsg, again, like these guys have said. This is so the water will properly circulate through the motor. Without this sirculation, I'm surprised you weren't getting overheating problems as well. LIfe will be a lot simpler without all that plumbing.

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