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Thread: 455 crank

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    My crank is 30 under they say it needs turn down40 under . can any body tell me if this
    bad or ok?

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    Not a good thing. You may have a tuff time finding bearings..

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    SLO POKE, I actually ran my Olds for nearly 20 years on a crank that had been turned .040 under on rods and mains. The only reason I went that route instead of finding another crank was that mine was a Nodular iron unit as opposed to the standard cast iron. If you don't feel comfortable using a crank turned down so far, perhaps your crank grinder/machine shop can get you an exchange unit in a larger size. In any event you should seriously consider having the crank nitrided. Stock Olds is hardened to about .005". Once cut, the hardening is gone. Nitriding will put a hard surface back on the journals-something the Olds really needs.

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    i would find a new crank look in any 68 to 70 455 olds they have the N stamped on the crank.

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