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Thread: Battery terminal covers

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    I am looking for some nice battery terminal covers to use on the ends of my cables on Optima batteries. I have seen the one's West Marine sells, but aren't crazy about them. In the new Powerboat Magazine, it shows a Howard 28 Bullet with some nice ones. Any suggestions on places to look or buy some?
    Thanks, while I'm recovering, I'm going to pick up some items for the boat.

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    Prime 8780
    Hi there,
    I have some small ones that just cover the end of the cable and terminal. If you need a couple just let me know.
    Mike @ Prime Marine

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    Thanks, I will let you know. Running batteries in parrallel, some posts have two cables coming off one post, would the covers cover multiple cables? That's the problem I have with the covers I have now. They just don't look clean covering the posts with more then one cable coming off.

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