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Thread: Aerial channel pics, Sandbar too.

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    I posted My pics on
    Best I can do for now, Shueman is gonna post for Me, Thanks
    The channel was real slow this weekend being before the holiday, I bet the council will call it a victory. Sandbar was thin too. I saw the signs in the channel later in the day when I took the boat through to the Naked turtle, It's pretty scary seeing the place so empty. After the Turtle, it's all a blur.
    I cheated death for another day.

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    Phat Matt
    Havasteve. Good job on the pics!

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    Thanks Mandolin,

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    Thanks for the invite Titties & Beer, only I don't have the $125,000 for the plane with floats that I want, I would be all over it.

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    Those are some nice pics...
    Thanks for doing this.....

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    good job on the pics gotta get the floats so you swing by and have a beer. lol

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    Those are great pics thanks for taking the time to show us.

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    Perfect Mixer
    Just incredible. My goal this year is to get my pilots license. Well it was my goal last year, but you know how it goes. I love the view!

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    Sweet pics... . I'll bet if you have some of those pics next weekend the Council will not be so quick to judge...

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    Thanks For Sharing

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