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Thread: Ford 7.3 chips/tuners??

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    I want to do a tuner/ chip on my f-350.
    Its a 99 f-350 4x4 w/ the 7.3 and an auto tranny. I have done the MBRP 4" turbo back system. and changed the filter to a K&N. I have looked at the edge w/ attitude and was wondering if this was the best way to go. Or if there is a better option. The things I like about the Edge is the ability yo adjust on the fly, the defuel if the EGTs get too high and all the guages built in. But what are the downsides? The truck is also lifted 6" with 35" tires so I need somethign that will adjust for this. Is there anything else I should do to the truck? I just recently did the tranny service.The truck has just over 100k miles on it. Also where would be the best place to buy??

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    The edge/attitude combo works really well. The other option is a "tuner" like a superchip, and some gauges. The ability to change power settings on the fly is nice, but sometimes allows one to get a little carried away. If you just install one tuner into the truck and leave it, I think its alot easier on it compared to changing power settings often. Either way, you will be happy with the added power. PM me if you want some more info, I can get you all that stuff.

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    Blue Man
    TYMAR Performance

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    Although not a Ford, I have a GMC/Duramax with an AFE Intake, 4" RBP exhaust and and Edge Juice w/Attitude controller that works EXCEPTIONALLY well on my 6" lifted truck w/35's !!
    Add the Mag Hytec tranny pan AND rear Diff covers for the extra fluid and cooling capabilities.

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