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Thread: What's up w/ LVHB?

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    Anyone know what's going on with the site? I haven't been able to log in for 4-5 days.

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    Panic Button
    Been down since Monday, not quite sure what the issue is, the error delt with corrupt tables, but it could also be a space issue.

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    Thanks PB,

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    Panic Button
    or goto until LVHB comes back up...

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    Red Horse
    I know man. I am missing that web site :cry:

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    same here I feel out of touch without the site

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    I've been on the case for a couple of days. We are trying to move the server and the forum database has some corruption. Moved now, it will be screwed forever so we are trying to get it straight before the move.
    Hopefully have it up VERY soon! I hate downtime!

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    Red Horse
    Thanks for all your help

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    beer hunter
    I hope they get it fixed soon! :cry:

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    I joined, it died. My life story......

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