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    Had the oppurtunity to run on Table Rock Lake this last weekend. I would recomend to anyone that was considering going to this lake to definitely do it. Wonderful local people, not to mention a beautiful lake to boat on. There are also hundreds of coves to take the boats up into to run on flat water.
    Ruggs- Wanted to say thank you for this hospitality this weekend, looking forward to getting back there in July for the Roost. :smile:
    Have to excuse the pics, they are taken out of a video shot with my digital camera.

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    Where is it located.

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    Where is it located.
    Guess that is pertinent info. It is in the south west corner of Missouri, near the Arkansas border.

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    Boat looks like it is running strong. :rollside: :rollside:

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    Boat looks like it is running strong. :rollside: :rollside:
    It was running pretty good. I had a few good opportunities to get on good flat water while I was there and wind it up a little. Still have a few small things to work out on it, but I am getting closer.

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