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Thread: Bahner boat info...

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    Hey all. Hope that someone can give me some info on Bahner boats, and the builder as well. I have a '77 Bahner with the 454 and what I think is a 650 Holley double pumper. It also has a Berkeley jet with the place diverter. I would be interested to know, 1. It says that these boats were built in Santa Ana, but are they still being produced? 2. What shold the engine temp under normal operating be? Mine is usually at 160 degrees or so, depending on what the water temp is. Answers to these questions, and any other info is GREATLY appreciated. - Dick Danger out

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    Here's some basic info on Bahner Boats,690 (,690)
    For anyone else interested in doing a search of there boat's manufacturer go here (
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    johnnie jetboat
    Check out 'info please...' on page two of this board. There is some of the info on Bahner that you are looking for.

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    oldsquirt, i ran my MIC and the result came back with hansen boats and know that that is not my boat is there any other way to find info like that?
    thaanks, Hustler

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    Hustler, I've used this search many times while looking for a boat. Did you search by the MIC (from your transom ID), boat name, or HIN on pink slip? I tried using the search for "Hustler" and came up with 5 possibles. I'm curious, what is the MIC for your boat? Does your pink slip list the name of the builder? As an example, I own a Tahiti. MIC is TAH and builder is Schuster.A search for TAH comes up with just one result and it is correct. Search for Schuster gives no result, reason being that Bell Industries was the actual company that owned Tahiti.

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    Hustler, is your boat a hustler, if that is what you are looking for, they were built in Burbank calif, bottom is close to a spectra 18ft,they were built pretty well. Jim Brock

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    okie dave
    a friend of mine had a bahner back in 1987. he and i were racing each other one day on lake keystone(i was in my old 18'hawaiian).both boats were 70mph and we were side by side. we hit some rough water and he disappeared. his boat went in a thousand pieces. i pulled him from the water and took him to the beach where another friend took him to the hospital. he was ok except for cuts.

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    Oldsquirt, thanks for posting that link, I was able to find out that I went out of business in April. I called the coast guard this morning to find out how I could have gone out of business in April if they just inspected me last month. Thanks for the post, I would have never known about the misinformation they had posted without it.

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    Hey Old squirt,
    Here is what i came up with. Comments:MIC PREV. ASSIGNED TO HUSTLER BOATS BURBANK CA, OOB 801108. 11/20/96 MAIL RETURNED. FORWARDING EXPIRED. OLD ADDRESS BOX 2 ESR GRAND MARAIS MN 55604. any other way to get some history on this thing?
    Thanks Hustler

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    Hustler, sorry I don't have any sources to help you out. BTW, what is your 3 letter MIC?
    Ultra 28, that must have come as a surprise. Seeing as I was so helpful to you, feel free to leave a 19' Shadow in my driveway! Any color combo will be fine.

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