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Thread: mountian bikes

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    any hookup's around here

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    what are you looking for? ive got a couple of cannondale super vee 700. let me know if your interested.

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    you got a pic .just starting to learn about them not sure what to get

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    im at work right now. ill send you a pic tomorrow.

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    Heres one I picked up a couple months ago,its the shiat!!
    auto locks the rear shock when going up hill and unlocks on its own for down hill so you dont git the crap beat out of you..kinda pricey though but the technology is there!!
    here's a bunch of links I rounded up as I sit here medecated
    You might want to check out Nicks bikes they sound kool.

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    I've got a GT LTS full susp. XTR components
    I paid something like 2K for it. Haven't ridden in a long long time.
    I'd part for $500. Needs shocks serviced I'm sure as it has sat in my garage for too long.

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    I'm pretty big into cross country, but have nothing for sale. We do ride every tuesday though.
    I currently have a Specialized M5 S-Works full XTR/Fox that I don't use anymore (wife's bike/backup ) and a new Yeti ASR-SL full race rig.
    Downhill is for fatties... right SuperDave...

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    Midlife Advantage
    bought this lil beauty for $900 about 6 or eight years ago, its best for a guy or gal 5'9" or under, I will part with it for $500, PM me. http://www2.***
    New tires, brakes, seat, chain, serviced about a year ago, but never ridden since I got my new one....

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    what the hell are those things on the pedals
    Check with Jax in Fullerton. They have always given me great deals on all my mountain bikes over the years. One of my riding buddies just snagged a good deal on a Trek Fuel from them.

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