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Thread: what kind of elec. fuel pump you running?

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    wondering what kind of fuel pump you elec guys are running? is it mounted in a gravity fed position? any problems with it losing prime?
    the barry grant is giving me too many headaches and its got to go. it keeps losing prime.
    ps soon up for sale: barry grant 220hr less than 1 hr on it

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    Go clay smith mechanical. They are the best on the market. I would have bought one but I have an edelbrock strip pump(high vol/pressure).

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    none, I hear of too many issues with the electric pumps

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    One of these should do the trick :wink:
    Want Mechanical?
    Or maybe direct drive off the cam
    Really this one would probably work great for ya and is 295 at jegs. Up to 1100 NA, or 800 forced air induction

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    Those red x's look great bense
    Know what else looks great...Those cal trans shorts

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    Liberator TJ1984
    2 ea. Mallory Pro-Comp 250's

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    Aeromotive A1000

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    Know what else looks great...Those cal trans shorts
    bense your a dog

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    I run a Summit, is is a bad ass pump, it is made by Aeromotive, but sold by Summit as their own. I know of someone who ran it in a blown and nitroused 68 Camaro drag car with no issues. It is around $150.

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