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Thread: Been thinking about buyin a second boat!

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    Phat Matt
    Pretty sweet. You should step up to the Optima though.

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    if you go with dual optimas, you might get an extra 5 mph.

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    Phat Matt
    You might also want to check in to through lawn chair exhaust.

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    1 seat is smart, all the babes have to sit on your lap.

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    lawn chair mounted to boxes and a trolling motor you might be a redneck

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    Even the ducks are circling.

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    Dan Lorenze
    Looks like a nice ride... Seems like it really airs out.. If I were you I would have one made for you. Pick out the interior and tribal designs. Seems like waiting for your boat to be made it half the fun...

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    Go for it! :eat:

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    ITS ALL ABOUT ...'TWINS' THOUGH!!!!! :hammer2: :hammer2: :wink:

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