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    Whole Lotta Nothin'
    I am kinda new to the "hot boat" scene. I have always been around and worked on boats, but nothing really exciting. Lots of boring crap though. Anyway, I'll get to it. I am considering a jet, and by looking at the hull on most of these things, they don't look as though they would handle anything more than a "smooth as glass" lake or river very well at all. I live in Minnesota, and alot of the lakes around my area tend to stay pretty busy. Will I have to constantly be worrying about eating a wake from anything bigger than a Bayliner? How do these things ride? Can you easily pull a skier or someone on a tube with a jet? Is there more or less maintanence needed on a boat like this as compared to a sterndrive or OB. Any help would be great. Thanks

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    I've got a 19' tunnel hull and yes I watch for other wavesm but they are not bad, I have been on some pretty busy lakes. As far as skiing it pulls you out no problem. And my tunnel hull is a blast to ski behind, very little wake means you can roost across it.

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    I have a 19 foot Miller (picture of it in my profile) and you have to be a little conscious of wakes when you are sitting still in the water but not a big deal. It handles fairly rough water fine, if it is too rough you wouldnÂ’t want to ski in it anyway. Great for skiing, tubing, knee boarding, ect. Plenty of power and fun to drive.
    Jets are very forgiving as far as maintenance keep oil and grease in it and stay away from the really shallow stuff and it will last and last.

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    mud duck
    Well, the St. Croix gets pretty bad below Hudson in a jet, Minnetonka can also get rough. But you can find the lighter stuff too. My boat handles chop up about 12 inches just fine, but after that it gets kind of rough. I've been on the St. Croix when I was sure my hull was going to crack, but it did it okay. Most metro water is not a problem (White Bear, Medicine), you can also go where others can not (like on the Mississippi north of Hwy 694, or the St. Croix north of the high RR crossing).
    And, you got to love that rooster.

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    Ever see Havasu or the River on a holiday weekend? H**l; ever see 'em on almost any weekend? Unless you're runnin' a SHIP (25' or bigger), you're gonna have to watch the wakes and waves. Even the BIG BOYS feel the rough stuff out there. Just learn to read the waves and wakes and you shouldn't have any problems. Your speed runs won't be as long as you want them to be, but ya gotta take what ya can get. Or do like I do; get up real early, hit the water before everyone is out from under their hangovers, and run the p**s outta the ol' girl until you get blown out; or wave to the nice people in that BIG A** 30', act real friendly, and smile alot or even offer them a favorite beverage! Then get in their wake and follow them around until they get p**sed at ya and either throw somethin' at ya or they try to swing around and swamp ya!
    As for your other queries, I'll leave those to someone who might be able ta help ya; bein' the "clamp-on jockey" that I am! Yeah, I know! Jet Talk. Get back over to Outboard!
    BTW, there is no school for learnin' how to read the water (I don't think, I could be wrong). Experience is the best teacher. Just go out, be careful, stay alert, and enjoy!

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    It's all about reading the waves baby!
    Us small boys 21' and under are the true ***boaters...we can drive, launch, and guzzle gas with the best of them... (

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