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Thread: Ramp entertainment

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    We had a great weekend on the river (thanks Vic, Toni, Jim, Donna, Amanda, Chelena!). We launch from Lazy Harry's... a small 2 lane ramp, and other than the all too common Seadoo that feels the need to take up the WHOLE DAMN RAMP to launch, there's seldom any really good entertainment. This weekend was a little different, though. Saturday morning, we launched and went out thru the channel to warm up the engine. Made a couple passes and saw Vic and Toni were in the parking lot waiting to launch, so we headed back in to the channel. On our way in, we see cruiser launching. No big deal, just get it wet, push out, put it in reverse, fire the motor, and back it out, right? Well, not exactly. These hearty boaters DID get it down the ramp, but it went south from there. Notice in the photo where it is marked "tongue" and "fenders". This marks where they are under water. Problem was, they didn't push it off the trailer, they were going to back it off under power. OK, I wouldn't, but whatever. If you do it their way, there is one very important thing to keep in mind. PUT IT IN REVERSE first. Well, they forgot that minor point. He fired up that engine and stabbed it...... RIGHT OVER THE TONGUE AND FENDER OF THE TRAILER! He tried to save it by turning left......ONTO THE RAMP! Apparently he sunk it launching the day before, because he had the boat detailed, and the detailer didn't put the plug back in. :messedup:
    All in all, a great weekend... hours on the river with good friends, and ramp entertainment.... God I love boating!!

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    Some people just shouldnt go boating.......

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    Dave C
    good work. :rollside:
    I'm finding that a camera is mandatory equipment on boating outings.... not just for the view at the channel but for the ramp entertainment as well.

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    Why are those people's faces blocked out? It's not like they were making a drug deal.
    To protect the STUPID

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    now thats entertainment

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    Dam that boat looks like mine without a scoop good thing we were not near that lake

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    So He Sinks It Because The Detailer 4got The Plug? Talk About People That Shouldnt Be Boating.

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    That's good livi'n.
    There was some pretty funny stuff goin on at Windsor on Saturday also. I even saw the ranger shake his head and laugh.

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    Dr. Eagle
    So He Sinks It Because The Detailer 4got The Plug? Talk About People That Shouldnt Be Boating.
    or needs a super hella mega automatic bilge pump... and to know forwards from backwards, and... nah you're right :rollside:

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    That guy must have the same detailer I do, because that happened to me after the boat was detailed. Can't get too mad, since the detailer was me!!! Dote!!!
    I was lucky in that I heard a funny something spinning in the water. Turned out to be my alternator (it is mounted real low and since it is a v-drive, it was in the lowest part of the boat). I grabbed the plug and stuck it in, but did not go back to the ramp. Instead, when I got past the 5 mph buouys, I pulled the plug again, and then ran 20 mph until the bilge pump was dry, which took about 5 minutes. Once it was dry, I stopped and put the plug back in.
    The alternator was toast though. :hammer2: :hammer2: :hammer2:

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