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Thread: Texas Question

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    What are the good lakes for sport / performance boating. What lakes are comparable to the Colorado River lakes, ie. Havasu & Mojave.... My wife and I have been talking about getting out of So Cal for quite some time now and think Texas might be the place for us. We have 2 young ones and don't want to raise them in the So Cal environment.
    We are looking to live on the water with the lake being at least 25,000 acres. Near a good sized city with good school districts.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Are any of you real estate agents or know someone who is?
    Anybody have any suggestions besides Texas?

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    hey 28 check your pm's i sent you some info!!!

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    Lake Travis in Austin Tx. would be the closest thing we have to Havazu. Travis can get pretty wild on weekends in the summer. There are good school districts in north Austin. Austin is also centrally located and there are many good lakes within a 3 hour drive. If I could relocate I would pick Austin. You may want to contact some national real estate chains. They will get you all kinds of info.

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    another vote for Austin.......... Lake Austin (colorado river; but not THAT
    colorado river) is nice, but busy on summer weekends. Travis is big, and has
    alot of room to roam. Lake LBJ is not too far for a visit. Lake Belton is also
    close... actually there are alot of lake close by. I'd go to Austin in a heartbeat to raise a family. I lived there for 2 years, 1991-1992 and had
    an apartment off loop 360, right nest to the loop 360 bridge.....

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    OldFaithful Squirter
    Canyon Lake- New Braunfels Area
    Medina Lake- Bandera Area
    Lake Amistad- Del Rio Area
    Lake Corpus Christi- Corpus Christi Area
    Been on all of these lakes really nice with plenty of Hot Boaters

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    Thanks for the responces.
    Anyone know anything about Grand Lake in Oklahoma?

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    Canyon Lake- New Braunfels Area
    Medina Lake- Bandera Area
    Lake Amistad- Del Rio Area
    Lake Corpus Christi- Corpus Christi Area
    Been on all of these lakes really nice with plenty of Hot Boaters
    corpus is too economically depressed
    del rio ? ditto
    medina real estate still undervalued. quiet, laid back not too far from san antonio which is still a great place to live but about as far south as you should go if you're looing for a good sized city.
    i might have understated cc, tx. if you can make a living there its probably a nice pick. going through growth spurt with expansions on many frontiers.

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    Austin, San Antonio area for sure. Lots of lakes in the area and gulf coast close as well. Del Rio has the biggest baddest lake in Amistad, but the school system sucks and job opportunities are few.
    Let us know when you get here and we'll party.

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    Sweet Addiction
    Another vote for Austin of course I live here. Its a great place and yes the lakes kick a**.

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    Being somewhat prejudiced about Lake Whitney and the Brazos River, since I live here, believe this to be be the best of all worlds. Beautiful lake, it's got the big water and the jet boat water. The Brazos on the upper end of the lake is one of the #1 rated ski areas in the country. Any water that is condusive to skiing is usually great for high performance boating, if you have followed these forums, I'm sure you've seen plenty of post verifying that. It's close enought to the DFW area to be fairly convenient, but far enough away to not have to deal with the hassles. I live on the upper end of the lake and it's about 45 miles to downtown Ft Worth and 70 miles to Dallas. employment oppurtunities are pretty thin here, but there are a few good sized towns in the area and DFW isn't that far away. Most of the people who live in this area full time, commute back and forth to the DFW area.

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