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Thread: Need a CD burning program...

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    I bought some songs from Napster about a year ago. Now Windows Media Player is telling me I don't have the rights to burn them to a CD. I paid for these damn songs!
    I already burned them to a CD last year but now it won't let me do it again. Is there another program I can use to burn a CD that does not care about the copyright? Maybe something from, maybe something free ?

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    I use Sonic Record Now. I think its pretty damn easy. I might have a copy if you want one......

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    I use the Easy CD Creator that came with XP. I've never burned one off of Media Player.

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    If you still have the CD your burned with those songs. Try to reload those songs on your computer from that CD. You should be able to burn them then.

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    Phat Matt
    If you have DRM (digital rights management) issues you won't be able to burn them. If you actually paid for the songs from napster you will probably have to contact them to get the license back.

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    I like Music Match I still believe it is free at their web site

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    Raisin Wake
    Try Nero Burning Rom.

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    Roxio 7.0 Cd Creator... Good program and I use it all the time at work..
    What about does burning too...

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    Kim Hanson
    Try Nero Burning Rom.
    Thats what I use and it works great.........( . )( . )...........

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    iTunes rip/burn/archive.....manage your whole library as well.

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