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Thread: Crapping Out Part 2

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    I'm new here so HI everyone. I just bought a '72 18ft Tahiti with a 454 and a Berkley jet pump. All week I was preparing for the weekend and it would start and idle fine in the driveway. Saturday I took it out and ran fine wide open but bogged very quikly when letting out. Problem got worse the more it ran.
    Thinking it was starving of fuel I refilled and changed the fuel filter which was dirty and tryed again. Still crapped out at anything above 3k. Checked everything and found carb was spitting back, like it was trying to feed the fuel pump? Never seen that before! Took it off and I'm having it rebuilt but any other sugg? I saw another post of a similar problem and everyone thought maybe water in fuel so I am getting a water seperater. Do all boats usually get water in fuel? Is 50 at 5k with I swear a 75 ft tail good or should it be more speed less tail?

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    Congrats on getting a new boat.
    You ever have an 454 olds in a boat before?
    Its my understanding that you don't ever hold it wide open for long periods of time.
    Yes there is possibilty of water in fuel due to water coming in around the fuel caps. Water seperator will help, but check seals around caps.
    Also olds seem to always have oil probalems so pay attention to the oil levels.
    Just my .02. lol

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    Well its actually a chevy 454 but yeah the longest I like to hold it is a minute or so. Oil pressure gauge reads 80psi pretty steady which I think is fantastic alone.

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    You said the carb was spitting back? Do you know what your timing was set at? You could have some problems with water but id check everything else as well to make sure. What ignition are you running? What kinda fuel filter? You should run a filter/water seperator. Also, I wouldnt make a habbit outa running it on the trailor as its really not good for your pump.

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    Oh and welcome to the board! :rollside:

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    Well the ignition is a standard(points) as far as I can tell, the timing I'm checking this week maybe tonight, and the fuel filter is just an inline clear filter, but yes I'm getting the filter/seperator. By spitting back I mean when you kick it and the four barrell kicks in it pushes the fuel back towards the fuel pump like there is compression in the carb. I still have alot of trail and error to do I know but I need all the help I can get so thanx

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    if its blowing back through the carb the cam may have gone flat. check points, timing, and do a compression test

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    Well its actually a chevy 454 but yeah the longest I like to hold it is a minute or so. Oil pressure gauge reads 80psi pretty steady which I think is fantastic alone.
    Sorry my bad, I have been told many times 454 is always an olds.

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    yer not pikkin on mah olds R ye? :yuk: I do alot of cruisin at 4k and above with no probs.

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    who me?

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