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Thread: Panther eval???

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    Has Hot Boat ever evaluated a boat with a Panther pump? Has anyone ever seen a review of a Panther powered boat?

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    actually, I have, the other day, my neighbor came home from the river and has a panther/350 setup and said it ran fine, so I guess that is an evaluation and a review.......,, ok, did not think it was funny, no I havent http://free.***

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    Hey dankirk,
    No I haven't seen one either yet, but if you see one send it to me please. I have a panther model h pump, and it works good. 19ft Headcraft(like a beachcomber) 454/330hp? so they say it runs 63.8 on gps fully loaded or empty doesn't matter on weight as the pump works on volume not pressure like a berk. Need more speed get more hp, they work good to about 100mph per Steve @ panther but you will need someone else's pump to get past that. That's what I know so far.

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    Rick LaPouttre
    Hello, i recently aquired a 78 Tahiti 18' w/460 Ford and the pump is freshly rebuilt and the engine runs at 5600 rpm, what kind of MPH is this thing running? Are thee different impellars for this unit? What do people think about this square outlet versus round? Thanks Rick

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    Jungle Boy
    What cut of impeller do have in the pump now?.

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    Rick we had an outing last month and a guy was there with a 18' or 19' Thaiti with a 460 single carb and a panther (don't know what imp.) anyway we all did gps runs in lake trim and he came in at 67 mph. See panthers do run

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    Have no doubt that Panthers can run. Due to lack of HB coverage (or viable alternate Hot Boat Magazine coverage), not sure about evaluations...probably nothing out usual. However, not to dis anyone's system, but what I learned in the jet propulsion lab, going from round to square DOES generate not as much mph because you loose pressure due to losses. So my gut reaction is that square is not the best choice. From the manufacturing viewpoint, square may be easier, but from the fluid dynamics viewpoint...square is bad.
    nuff said?

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