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Thread: My 7 Year Old Learned How to Wakeboard This Weekend!!

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    haha..thats gnarly...we got a pro in the making!!!

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    Thats awesome!!!! COngrats......

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    right on, congrats

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    haha..thats gnarly...we got a pro in the making!!!
    Kinda funny, he said " :idea: I think maybe in 3 years I'll be better than dad"
    :idea: I think it'll be sooner than that

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    life's a river
    That's awesome! He must be the Stud at school now. Chicks dig it. My 5 year old daughter has been wanting me to teach her to waterski. But Mom says not yet. :frown:

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    Tom Brown
    I had to laugh when I saw that picture.
    What a glorious feeling to get up the first time. What freedom. I remember life was about going to the lake and skiing. Nothing else mattered and life was really, really good.
    I'm really happy for you and your son, RO. Seeing that takes me back.

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    Congrats. MY son is looking for to accomplishing the same thing this summer.

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    Boat Ride
    So I should have him on a wake board, by 3

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    Cool...congrats. Nothing like when the finally pop up, and stay up!
    I got my 8 y/o daughter up on skis this past summer. She and my 12 y/o son wanna wakeboard this year. I've shown them many ways how not to do it - much to their entertainment. Now, if I could just get some air....on purpose. :notam:

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