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Thread: Can I launch my boat with an ATV?

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    Scarab Jet
    My boat and trailer together weigh about 2800 pounds... Are there any ATV's out there that I could use to launch and retrieve my boat with?
    Thanx in advance...

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    is the ramp flat?,a good 4x4 atv will pull it,but it may pull you in,to much weight

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    the guys at our service center use one of those Polaris rangers to move/launch some big a$$ boats!

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    Boat Ride
    I've used a rino(4x4 golf cart) before....

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    We have launched with the Rhino before. No problems what so ever.

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    Scarab Jet
    thanx for all the replies... how about just a regular 4x4 atv with handle bars instead of a steering wheel (not a golf cart looking thing)...
    thanx again,

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    I bet you could launch it, but pulling it out might be different.....try it on a quiet day when no one (with a camera) is around...

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    We launch with our Polaris 800 EFI and 700 EFI..It works.. We sell them.. They are only rated for 1500lbs... But our boat and trailer weigh more than that..

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    looks like youre a little over loaded

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