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Thread: Lake San Antonio V-drive Regetta

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    Just wondering if any of you guys went to the Regettat at San Antonio this past weekend, and much they were enforcing the new sound law, since I'm sure a lot of boats were over the limit
    Were headin up in 2 weeks and were wondering if we need to put some new exhaust tips on our day cruiser

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    I went and had alot of fun! I had my boat there and it is blown and injected with zoomies and had no problem with the lake patrolers I had mufflers of cousrse but was still alittle loud. I made a few passes and the 5.0 saw me and payed me no mind. I will try to post a few pics later.
    I do not think they will bother you unless you are making passes to close to the shore or by the marinas. As long as you are making an effort I think they will leave you alone. Dam "cant we all just get along?"

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    Sanger 80
    I was up there last Wed. in my Allison and it's loud. the rangers came out of the north shore 5mph across the lake to intercept me with their blue lights blaring. I shut down, they came over to me and the first thing they said was "What kind of motor is that?" told them it is an outboard! They then told me to "Be careful , watch out for floating debris!" That was about it. Nothing about noise, there were very few boats out.
    This was after I picked on a Hallet flatbottom.
    I was there alot last year and only remember 1 boat that they went after for noise, he was also being a jerk and alot of people complained so he went on the trailer. We are friends of a couple that worked there the last 5+ years so we got the inside skinny, listened to the lake chanel on a scanner.
    Saturday ski boat hit jetski then ran. They found him probable felony hit and run BWI evading..........
    Just don't try and stand out, you will be OK.
    Hey while your there be sure to look for the Bald and Golden eagles, theres a huge Bald Eagle nest on the south side of the lake very visable, its on the first ridge top, up the lake in the begining of the 5mph zone before Cemetary cove. Watch for the wild pigs and turkeys also. These are the nonhuman type. There are rattle snakes out now too.
    Have fun be safe

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    Kindsvater Flat
    got this from another board
    From what I understand after this guy left the scene one of his buddies (also a cop) came to get his boat and was arrested for DUI. This was in the Monterey Hearld today.
    Posted on Mon, May. 23, 2005
    Man seriously hurt in boating accident
    An 18-year-old man was seriously injured in a boating accident on Lake San Antonio on Sunday afternoon.
    David Ernest Guzman, 30, was arrested for boating under the influence and failing to stop at an accident scene to render aid. The Monterey County Sheriff's Department reported that Guzman was under the influence of alcohol while piloting a 20-foot Ultra Custom boat that collided with a Jet Ski.
    Jason Penalba, 18, of Agoura Hills, was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center with crushed lower vertebrae, a broken pelvis and liver and spleen damage. Erik Shirey, 19, of Santa Barbara was driving the Jet Ski with Penalba as his passenger. Shirey received minor cuts and scrapes, deputies said.
    Officers reported that Guzman fled, but was later arrested. He was described as an employee of the Los Angeles Police Department.

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