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    For A Run Down My Uncle Took The Boat For A Few Days And He Said It Started Makin A Knocking Noise So We Pulled The Motor And Its At Burbank Marine Right Now And What Was Told To Me Friday So Far Is That The Oil Pan Didnt Have Baffles In It. What Are The Purpose Of Baffles. Should Find Out More Today On The Rest Of The Problem. Anyone Have This Problem Before. Its A 460 Looked To Be Pretty New. When It Was Bought They Said One Of The Cylinders Was A Little Low. What Would That Mean And What Problems Could That Potentialy Cause.

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    Baffles in the pan is to keep oil in the sump(at the pickup) at all times. If you don't have baffles, on acceleration oil will go to the rear and climb up the side of the pan, on deceleration the oil will go to the front of the pan leaving the sump dry and no oil!. Could explain the knocking noise, bearings are gone??????..What they meant by a cylinder low is more than likely it's low on compression in that one cylinder!..Cause could be from valves, rings, chamber volume?????...From the sound of things it's time start from scratch with that baby!...

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    Thats the same shit that happened to me twice last summer...finally stepped up to the dooley pan...cant wait to try it..spun a few bearings damaged the crank and 1 rod. it gets expensive :angry2:

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    Its A 460 so I'm gona go out on a limb and assume its a ford?----if it has an original pan then it has a front mounted sump which is ok if the boat is a flatbottom and the flywheel is facing forward----if its a jet boat, then chances are the oil is being forced to the rear of the pan during acceleration since no baffels are in the pan----ford does make a stock rear sump pan and oil pump pickup for a 460 but I don't know if it will clear the floor or has baffels in it---best is try and find a marine pan for your application and the pump pickup for it

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    The oil don't know what motor it's in, it applies for any motor regardless of which way the motor is mounted, you need a pan for whatever application you're running. Which ever brand you choose, tell them what you have and they will supply you with the appropriate one!..

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    Please let us know if 'Dave' gives you one price when you drop it off, and a totally LARGER price when you come to pick up your motor. I have done business there, and will never go back. Please let us know!

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    I was there today, I looked for a boat w/ a 460..... do you have a pic?
    I might be over there tomorrow :idea:

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