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Thread: Slop in Prop shaft...?

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    Hey everybody,
    I am somewhat new to the whacker world, went from an I/O to my 20.4 Stoker w/ a 1996 vindicator motor (evinrude) .
    My question is with the propeller shaft. Once the prop is on securely, there is "slop or play" with the prop shaft, I would guess about 1/4" or so. I figure it could have about a 1/16" or so.
    Any input would help on what this might be caused from and what harm this might cause.

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    Tom Brown
    end play or side play? in gear or out?

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    In neutral, have not tested it in gear.
    The play is in and out, not side to side.
    I compared it to my friends and mine has much more movement.

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    Thats normal. My mercs are that way too. Let er buck.

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    Kim Hanson
    Thats normal. My mercs are that way too. Let er buck.
    Thats word buddy...........( . )( . )............

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    bob briley
    same here 87 2.4 220hp about 1/8" out ,slams back in

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    I had the same thing on my '91 200hp and came out one day and found a pool of oil underneath. After removing the prop and cover nut (which was broken), I found the bearing carrier was also broken. Once replaced, the slop was approximately 1/16" to 1/8".

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    rude tim
    OMC does not have prop shaft thrust bearings. This slop is normal. To reduce the ware on the prop shaft always tow your boat with it in gear or with the prop off. my 2 cents.

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