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Thread: Aerial pics of Channel on Saturday

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    I can walk

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    LOOKS DEAD....... If I were a shoppe Proprietor ... I'd be irrate to say
    the least ...We need an old fashioned Tea Party !!!!
    Make an event out of it ... Make some ( pardon the pun) Tea-Shirts, Signs for council member recall, etc... Also, Call all Phoenix, Vegas News outlets, nobody say a word to local news or the city ....

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    I can walk
    When you're posting a pic, get the properties after you've clicked on the thumb image of it, or pull the -thumb out of the properties when you're posting it and they'll show up full size.

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    From a thumb
    or you can get really tricky and change the -thumb to a -med and midsize it if it's too big when it's blown all the way up.

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    The lights are on!

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