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Thread: Clamp on Mufflers and slash cut tips

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    Bryan Rose
    Well it seems they do't go together..... What shall I do ? I guess I am going to have to square up the tips.... Any other ideas.....

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    Feb 2009
    u mean u have to run that mickey mouse BS? lol...i'm glad i moved to AZ...anyways...r the headers OT's or TT's?...i think Rexone can help u out...he has some nice 1's that have the muffler & tips all in it out on his web site

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    You sure? What kinda tips do you have? My boat has Rex 4" tips (pictured) and before I bought it he had clamp on silencers on them.

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    Bryan Rose
    4 inch rex slash tips...... TThttp://www2.*** I guess I can cut them down?

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