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Thread: 19 Ft Bubble Deck

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    460 WJ
    What do you guys think of this boat? I have been looking for a while. I willbe seeing it tommarrow.

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    clean, and looks good

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    460 WJ
    Do you think that hull is good for mid 80's to 90's? or should I look for another boat?

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    just looking at it, the owner definately babied it, just take a hard look at it when you get there

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    Sanger Pete
    I had that same hull in 1978-1981. Blue printed bottom, strong but fairly stock 454/single carb, logs/through transom exh. Ran 85 mph at Ming in 1978. Planed at 1600 rpms, towed skiers at 2300 rpms (approx 30 mph), topped out at 5600 rpms. Ride was mostly solid, but rode pretty free at full throttle--broke water at back of motor with no ride plate. I loved the boat, but wife got tired of me racing everyone at the lake.

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    460WJ, Novi is only about 10 minutes from my house - if you'd like a second opinion on the boat (an UNBIASED ONE - beware of falling in love with a pretty boat!), drop me a PM and I'll give you my cell phone number.....good luck!

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    460 WJ
    He is looking to get 6 grand for it. I think I will pass.

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