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Thread: Chrome Shope needed...

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    Does anyone know of a good shop in the Riverside/Corona area that does re-chroming work? I need to get a few things on the boat redone. Any suggestions would be appreciated. -DD out

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    A little further away,but if you want some good quality choming check out Sihillings on Chestnut St. in Santa Ana.(714)543-7051

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    Well, if it was me I`d have the dude who`s doin` the entire f`n pump to help,,,,,,,but he`s probably toast from polishing.
    Shoulda got Mexican labor.
    Drink Bud Light tonight.
    Warrant,,,,I saw Red Aucoustic version,,,,awsome.......
    Ol` lady is callin` ,,,,,see ya

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    If your planing on chroming there be prepared for a wait(might not be ready when expected)my boss had some stuff polished and chromed barely got it back for rwub 3-16 was to be ready a month before easily but had to wait a while.His stuff did come out really good though and was satisfied so letting you know if your planing a trip soon you might want to patient

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    I know there's a shop over near the Riverside auto ctr that chromes wheels. You might want to check and see if they would do your parts. Daves Custom wheels in Rvsd.

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    Call this guy,
    I forgot which one was his business phone. But he has an shop in Riverside that does plating. I know him personally. Tell him that Yates refered you to him.

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    DD, I've used MJB plating in Rialto. They did nice work on my jeep parts. LDFTRBT

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    Appreciate the responses!!! Thanks a bunch guys...-DD out

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