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Thread: Alternator Pulley Removal 911

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    How can I get this pile of sh!t pulley off of here, there is no room to get anything in there, the other one was not nearly as hard to get off !!! I need to get this done today !!

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    1'2 inch ipact wrench will buzz it off! Budlight

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    Tom Brown
    I second the vote for the impact.
    Also, it looks like the shaft will take a hex key so you might be able to hold it with that and use a box end wrench to turn the nut. The impact will be way easier, though.
    By the way, you can use a second combination wrench for more leverage by putting the box of the second wrench around the tine of the open end on the main wrench. Works slick. ... then, of course, you'll want a decent swing bar and a square drive hex key. Also, have some bandages standing by because you're knuckles are going to need them.

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    I dont have one of those in my 134 piece Craftsman hand tool kit.....

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    no way a box end will fit in there :notam:

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Find a buddy. You know, the one that goes to town and gets two blowjobs and comes back and gives you one. Budlight

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