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Thread: NEED HELP Setting up 460 Distributer & wires

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    Heres what i did...Took everything of the engine to paint it. #1 OOOPPP's didnt take note on how the Distributer was sitting when i took it out of the block. Now i dont have a clue on how or were to positon it back in. #2 OOOPPP's Which wire from which plug goes were on the cap. Someone please help.....

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    ok find your #1 cylinder(passenger side if motor was in car)it is the front cylinder.
    pull the plug put your finger over the cylinder have someone tap the starter for you might take a few tries but what your doing here is feeling for the compression stroke or tdc.When you feel the pressure stop the tapping process and manually turn motor til the crank pulley lines up with your timing marks 0 degrees try to start off at the 4 btdc mark
    when you have done this put your distributor in your rotor should point to around the 1:30,2:00 position if your looking from the front of the motor towards the back.this is your #1 position for the distributor.
    Now for the wires the firing order is 15426378 your rotor spins counter clock wise so put the number one wire on then the rest of them on after going counter clockwise
    after all said and done you will require fine timing adjustments. hope this helps its harder to explain than it is to do this.

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    Thanks 77charger, Your the best.... If i still have probs i'll e mail ya. AntRant

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    sounds fine to me any ?s let me know i'll keep my ford manual by my pc.(for the things i dont know)

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